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Michael Head and The Red Elastic Band

+ Jack Valero

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62 years of music, loves, losses, long summer days and longer, darker nights are vividly recalled by ‘our greatest living songwriter’, Michael Head and The Red Elastic Band as he plays out flickering scenes from his life on new album, Loophole, set for release on Fri 3 May 2024 on Modern Sky. Alongside details of the new, 12-track album comes his latest single, “Toxteth ghost story” and album opener, Shirl’s Ghost.

Fans of his four-decade back catalogue and readers ready for a ride through half a century of popular culture, with Head as their guide, will delight in news that his long-awaited autobiography, Ciao Ciao Bambino: A Magical Memoir, is also announced for publication by Nine Eight Books on Thu 15 August 2024.

Matching happiness with creativity and hitching his faith in love to a new era of productivity, Head will release his second solo album with The Red Elastic Band less than two years after 2022’s remarkable, universally-acclaimed Dear Scott. Thanks, in part, to the memory-jolting joy and frequent shocks found in the process of writing his memoirs, Head wrote and recorded at career-record-breaking pace, finding that those places, faces and voices from the past have all rushed to take their place amongst the 12 new songs heard across Loophole.

Set for release on multiple formats across standard and collectors’ vinyl editions, CD and extended, digital editions, Loophole will be Head’s 14th studio album.

Following up December’s standalone single, Ciao Ciao Bambino, which started the camera running in Head’s childhood bedroom and echoed with the much-missed voice of his late mother, Head now sets the countdown to Loophole’s release running with, new single, Shirl’s Ghost. Originally conceived as an instrumental, playing out Dear Scott with ethereal disquiet, the reprise finds Head’s nostalgic, wistful lyrics, describing an encounter with the otherworld, meeting a Red Elastic Band performance emboldened by brass and sheets of distorted guitars.

Head says: “Shirl was a neighbour of mine, living in the flat above me. She was a collector, with sequinned dresses from her dancing days around the world hanging around the place. Amongst these piles of stuff was her mum’s ashes, but she couldn’t find them. Before getting evicted, she asked me to find them. I did that, handed them to her and shortly after weird things started happening around the flat. My son, Arlo’s theory was that I’d disturbed her and we were living in a Toxteth ghost story.”

In a year that pulls focus to the singer-songwriters’ wild life, long career and indelible mark on the lives of his listeners, 2024 will also mark not only the 40th anniversary of the release of his first band, The Pale Fountains’ cherished, cult-classic debut album, Pacific Street, but also 25 years since the release of Shack’s exalted long-player, HMS Fable.

With no shortage of fervour amongst his long-term listeners and those discovering him anew following Dear Scott’s success, fans have the chance of gathering to hear many of the songs that sang their lives with Head on a run of seven, newly-announced UK Tour dates.

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Michael Head and The Red Elastic Band
Jack Valero

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