432 presents:

Bikini Body EP Launch

Bikini Body + Sweaty Palms + V.C.O

Stereo, Glasgow

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Bikini Body

Glasgow’s Sweaty Palms’ finger raising attitude to the fallacy of the city’s scene is as refreshing as they come and has seen the band rise to acclaim much further than their hometown.

Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to “make it” the four-piece let their music do the speaking merging a loud, dirty reverb drenched garage sound with anxiety-ridden psych goth flourishes, a touch of joviality and Robbie Houston’s snarled, personal lyrics to create an unnervingly powerful experience.

2016 Double B-Side ‘Love Me / Pretty Poor’ (Black Sheep Records) was met with glowing reviews as the band continue to nail down their dark, energetic and riotous live show, which saw them leave Glasgow’s Broadcast a sweaty and beaten mess in their closing slot at the prestigious Stag & Dagger Festival.

The band have toured the UK with Dale Barclay‘s And Yet In Moves, shared the stage with Protomartyr, Spring King, L.A. Witch, Fews and more and had high-profile festivals appearances at Electric Fields and T in the Park. With a full-length release due for 2017 and further tour dates scheduled Sweaty Palms are ready to move to the next level.


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