Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra

The Blue Arrow, Glasgow

Entry Requirements: 18+

The quality of young musicians coming out of Glasgow right now is extraordinary, and this brilliant orchestra is packed full of them. Directed by Brian Molley, they're in top swinging form with a selection of Christmas tunes, special guest singer Molly Bamborough, and some classic charts by Stan Kenton & Bob Mintzer.

Long recognised as one of the UK’s best young jazz orchestras, the band performs with remarkable musicianship and energy, and has been the launchpad for so many of Scotland’s top international jazz musicians, it’s hard to keep count.

From way-back-when to Fat-Suit, they’ve all honed their skills and love of jazz in SYJO - the current band’s a fantastic “who’s who” of outstanding young talent on the scene.

Line Up

Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra

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