Nova Scotia The Truth Re-Up Album Preview

The Blue Arrow, Glasgow

Entry Requirements: 18+

Nova Scotia the Truth invites you to the RE-UP ALBUM PREVIEW at The Blue Arrow on Friday 6th December.

This year has brought Nova a nomination in the Best Hip Hop Category of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2019, features in Mixmag, Red Bull Music, The Skinny and an exclusive Glasgow edition of Time Out London, appearance in The Basement x Nike BSMNT AIR MAX 90 campaign, the launch of her club night Potential Party and the announcement of her forthcoming solo album, Re-Up.

As Nova’s first solo release, Re-Up combines acclaimed genres with eclectic lyrical content to make a hard-hitting debut album. As a sequel to the early 2019 mixtape Risin’ Up, Re-Up exists to replenish the underground and remind them what Nova is really about. Commenting on crime, clubs, afters and getting money, this album provides a snapshot into the past, present and future. Bassy trap sits side by side with lo-fi hip hop and heavy grime featuring beats by $1000 WALLET, Inkke and Kami-o, complimented with imagery of drunken street fights, a twisted game of Monopoly and sniper staring down the viewfinder. To be continued...



Album artwork by Rosalind Shrinivas

Line Up

Nova Scotia The Truth Re-Up Album Preview

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